Frog-serpent hybrids.

This series began as a response to seeing Nandipha Mntambo’s Echidna installation “The snake you left inside of me.” The snake portion folds around the entire room, leaving a womb-like, safe space. Snakes are usually threatening, poisonous. Mntambo’s snake is Mother.

Frogs transform, they resurrect themselves from the dead. Frog is Artemis.

This is a page to list the images I have made so far. I’m still figuring out this chimera – both visually and symbolically.

Most of the images are from sketchbooks. Some are Art Works. They are listed reverse-chronologically.

Minette Visser

Frog mother of monsters (rooted)


Acrylic inks, watercolour pencils, charcoal pencils and charcoal dust on paper

297 x 420 mm



Minette Visser

Frog mother of monsters (splayed)


Charcoal on cut paper

100 x 297 mm