This is a photography studio my dad and I built. It has a usable area of 600mm by 600mm (that’s about 23″ x 23″) so it is perfect for taking photos of flowers, Lego or small toddlers). The best part of the studio is that it can be given light from the back or from below.



We also made side reflector panels. The light you see from the bottom are two LED Strip Sticks that I made.  These can be moved around or removed depending on what the photo requires.



Here are two of my son’s Duplo creations. He is only turning three in a couple of months and just look at his awesome Dinosaurs. That kid is a freakin’ genius!


Anyway, where was I.  Oh yes, these were photographed on the Soapbox Photo Studio with the bottom lighting. They were photographed by Susan van Wyk (the lady who commissioned this box).

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