So on this Winter Solstice Eve, I would like to share with you where the Seasons Blanket is at the moment. And yes, today is the last day. And no, I’m not done yet. But, I’m on row 338 (28 rows to go including this one) and I still want to do the border. I’m very happy so far and given that I am on school holiday at the moment, I am working as fast as I can to finish (while reminding myself to try and still enjoy the process).

For those who are looking at the blanket and thinking “Something is not quite right. Where did that light yellow come from?” Well, you are right. During December I looked at the blanket and realised that one of my winter colours, Khaki, looked awfully similar to the summer colour, Avo, that I was then using. I then made the call to change it. But to what?

Given the fact that this replacement would fall in autumn (sorry for the pun), I decided to find the answer in an autumn leaf. The autumn leaf I looked at changed from dark green to a pale yellow before turning orange and then burgundy. So I had a look at the colours available in the MoYa range and decided to go with the one they call “Sherbet”.

As soon as I am done with the blanket I will show you how it looks. But now I must go and crochet some more…

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