Today is the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Annual Leap Day for Frogs. Happy day indeed! More info on the day can be found on the official website, here (if you press all the speaker buttons at once you’ll have an inkling of what our garden sounds like during spring nights, with the singular exception of the “Giant Bullfrog” announcement).

To commemorate, here is some frog art for your enjoyment.

Let’s start with this perfectly composed image:

Mikio Watanabe

I wish I could visit this establishment:

Elsa Beskow

It’s an optical illusion (frogtical illusion, if you will indulge me). A beautiful statement about a specific fungus that is affecting frog populations.

Kiss of Chytrid

Jonty Hurwitz

Bronze and Chome


64 x 64 x 36 cm

An encounter:

Maxfield Parrish

Frog mysticism:

Dan Craig

Contemplating how, when we’re grounded and connected to the earth, maybe we’re not that different from frogs:

Frog Man – Sense of Conscience

Liu Xue

A golden treasure:

Golden Frog

Pauline Bewick


94 x 132 cm

My mom had this book when I was a child, and this page in particular always stood out – I mean, check out that flying frog! It’s just ridiculous.

Frog (Batrachia)

Ernst Haeckel


I dare you to look deep into these eyes and not care about frogs:

Hyla Aborea (Tree Frog from Suriname)

Unknown Artist


Brave one receives their reward:

William the Curious

Charles Santore

When you lose your king:

Ofra Amit

This mom will make sure you get there. Kind of like The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

Red-eyed Tree Frog Mom

Bernd Blacha

And finally, a Watanabe reprise, the footprints serving as a reminder that frogs can only thrive where our chemical and industrial footprint is light:

Mikio Watanabe

All the above images were found on Curiator, starting with Suzan Hamer‘s Amphibians in Art Room but then I progressed to the Frog tag. Googling “Frog Art” does not yield results if you are impatient.

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