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June 20, 2019 / / TACTILE

So on this Winter Solstice Eve, I would like to share with you where the Seasons Blanket is at the moment. And yes, today is the last day. And no, I’m not done yet. But,

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July 28, 2018 / / TACTILE
June 15, 2018 / / TACTILE

At the end of last year my colleagues and family alike all shared the sentiment “I’m glad thís year is over! It was truly hectic”. I started to worry because I realised that it is actually the same thing we say to each other every year-end. It’s as if we rush through each year, rest for the week between Christmas and New Year and then we start all over again. And before we know it our lives are over and we say things like “What did I do with my life?” and “I wish I appreciated the little moments more”.

I know that mindfulness can help with this, but I wondered what else I can do to enjoy my moments here on earth. One of the solutions I came up with (I won’t bore you with all of them now) was to really notice and enjoy each season and not just always wish it was winter (my favourite season!).

March 26, 2018 / / TACTILE

A gift for my mother: a candleholder-installation. My son Finn had picked up the rocks – his gift-rocks. And I made the lions, and Willem made the hole for the tea light candle.

March 25, 2018 / / TACTILE

Eileithyia is the Greek Goddess of Childbirth. To appeal to her aid, offerings of honey should be made. She is associated with snakes and with Artemis – hence the frog image here.

January 31, 2018 / / TACTILE
December 21, 2017 / / TACTILE


Most people would, upon seeing this picture, think “cute” and that would be that.

But around the same time I saw this kitten, I also saw these bears. “Cute”.

But not me.

Oh no.

Thinking “cute” is too easy.

I had to immediately whittle a cat.

December 17, 2017 / / TACTILE
December 15, 2017 / / TACTILE
December 14, 2017 / / TACTILE
August 26, 2017 / / TACTILE

The day I finished this set of earrings, I saw three white-bellied sunbirds, and I’m 90% certain I saw a black sunbird too

May 24, 2017 / / TACTILE

Star Realms is a super fun two-player card game. The only downside is that when we put on the card protector sleeves, they wouldn’t fit into the original box. And the life counters. The life counter cards don’t work. We had received the game as a gift, and included in the gift were two sets of 10-sided die. But we didn’t like this as life counters either.

So, lots of issues with Star Realms. The solutions?

First off, a new box:


May 10, 2017 / / TACTILE

I’ve recently taken up whittling. My very first attempt, a peg man, was not particularly…

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October 7, 2016 / / TACTILE
September 17, 2016 / / TACTILE

A knitted fox scarf. As worn by Alicia Boshoff‘s Selkie.

September 1, 2016 / / TACTILE