We had end of year exams and instead of marking, I decided to start my next game box insert. The thing is, I had a lot of ideas for Power Grid, but didn’t know how they would fit together. Luckily, during the exams, I have to invigilate (being a teacher) which gives me ample time to figure out the nuts and bolts.




This is what I had to start with. The challenge with Power Grid is that the box is shallow, even though it has a big surface area.




I wanted to do something different from my first design. I decided that I wanted to go for a minimalist design.




To keep the box in order (control freak that I am), the different shapes underneath each box correspond with a unique shape on the bottom of the main box. The idea was to give the boxes rotational symmetry so that it doesn’t matter which way you place it in the box, but my lack of accuracy made that each box unfortunately only fits one way. Oh well.




For the bank, current market (also called actual market) and future market, I got this inspiration from a guy on BoardGameGeek. But I wanted to tweak it a bit. The bottom of each money slot is slightly curved for ease of use.




I used a label maker to indicate the current and future market. I added a strip of mounting board to each shelf to make it stronger (that’s the white lines you see there).




The incline is adjustable from 56° to 70°.




So this is how it looks with everything packed in.




And then after the current and future market stand is packed.




Just like with Ninjato, I wanted to use mounting board to create a surface on which the game board can rest. Although, with Power Grid, the insert that came with the game was so beautiful that I thought I had to reuse it. So after a few cuts and a little bit of glue, there it is.

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