It turned out to be pure madness, trying to run the blue process of layering paint on one fewer slip of paper each day a second time… I got to three. And I just. could. not. get. myself. to do even. just. one. more.

What I did instead was go on a mission to find transparency paper. Our local stationary shop didn’t have any and I was on my way to the grocery store (it has a large stationary section so I had reason to believe they could have) but on the way detoured through a different shop (I think the best description for this shop is a hobby-and-interior shop) and am I glad that I detoured. They had coloured transparency paper and when I saw it I realised that this was exactly what I needed.

The slips of blue paper are now sewn into layers of the transparency paper. It is a book.

And it will be full of frog-snake hybrids (I accidentally typed “frake” but I don’t think the name will stick).

And maybe magnolias? I like the idea visually but haven’t figured out conceptually if they will fit. I suddenly have flashbacks to the artist walkabout where the artist said “and here I painted a horse because I like horses. And here is a flower because I like flowers” and I do not want to be that artist.

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