Creative Fisheries is the online home of Willem and Minette Visser. Here we post the arts and crafts we create. The links above go to the various categories of our projects, or click on the Creative Fisheries logo for the latest updates.

We live in Pretoria with our baby boy, Finn, a Labrador, a Maine Coon and two one cockatiel. We share our weed-prone un-mowed garden with frogs, spiders, worms, swarms of Little Brown Jobbies and a Kingfisher we’ve nicknamed Henry.

Willem_smallWillem Visser teaches Maths, Physics and Life Orientation at a Catholic all-girls high school. This year he is also teaching (and learning himself) typing skills to the Grade 8’s. He enjoys making CD compilations and designing covers for them in Illustrator. He loves making objects with felt, making odd things with wood or plastic, and crocheting. He collects vinyl toys and music.



Pregnant smallMinette Visser programs FPGAs for use in local and international research projects. Her hobbies include hacking WordPress Themes badly to do what she wants this website to do, drawing, painting, creating comics, knitting and gardening.