In the grip of the worst drought South Africa has seen in 23 years, we managed to use almost double our usual amount of water during October.


It’s because we planted 11 new trees, and we’re really trying our best to get some vegetables growing.

But it’s a crying shame and I am terribly embarrassed about it.

Next month will be better.


For a start, I’m putting an empty bucket down in the shower. I was surprised how quickly it filled up! I thought it would last for two showers but it was 4/5 full by the time the water was heated. This bucket will be used to water the trees.

I’m also turning off the tap while I’m not rinsing off so that my shower time is reduced.

This is a good start but I can be doing more. The thing is just that I want to have my cake and eat it, too. I want to save water but also have a thriving vegetable patch.

I’ll think of ways, I’m sure.

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