Everyone’s watching the skies: is it going to rain?

And it did! Yay! It also hailed in some places (aw). But – rain!

This is not going to stop me from turning every drop from my tap three times over before letting it disappear down the drain again. (I’ve mentioned my water-saving endeavour before).

What I’ve done so far:

  • Collect shower run-off for watering the new trees. I’ve got Willem on board for this as well.
  • Shorter showers.
  • Use a glass for rinsing my mouth after brushing my teeth, rather than cupping water with my hands from a running tap. This probably won’t save kiloliters of water in total, but we’re going hummingbird principle here.
  • Use the sprinkler for the veggie patch not more often than every third day.


What more I can do:

  • Catch rainwater! Jojo tanks are prohibitively expensive right now, but a few smaller buckets catching the gutter output will be a good starting point.

Just to point out: these are all in addition to strategies already in place, like water hippos and only running the washing machine when it’s full full.

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