Vein of Gold-ish


The brief behind the Vein of Gold collage is to take a short amount of time (30 minutes) and gather as many images that appeal to you from magazines, then after the time is up to collage them together in a meaningful way. The collage is a tool to find a theme, to find out what’s important.

But finding 30 minutes uninterrupted? With a one year old at home it was nigh impossible. So the images weren’t gathered in one sitting, but a few short (three minutes?) sessions. At some point he took a nap and it was long enough for me to glue everything together.

One thing I’ve noticed, from this and the previous collages I’ve made, is I have troubles with boundaries. I had put down a scroll-like paper for this collage, but you can see the flappy flag-like beach images sticking out the side, and the bottom. Why make a neat edge when you can just do whatever?

And also, see those beach images? I’m dreaming of a holiday.

What else does this collage tell me? I’m floundering. Where’s up? Where’s down? Where to go?

I love that when my husband shows our boy the collage, he immediately points to the Blue Footed Booby in the middle.

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