I have been very busy knitting!


First is the jersey I made for my friend’s baby. It was so sweet, they were saying that their little girl (95% sure it’s a girl) won’t have any handmade things except for what I make her! And then, as we were leaving their house after presenting this pink jersey, their beautiful Golden Retriever retrieved the only hand knitted jersey … ai. Luckily, my friend saw it before the dog had a chance to start chewing. And their dogs are well trained, so he actually listened when she said “Stop! Down!” whereas my Labrador would have taken that to be the start of the game. So the jersey was just a little wet, no actual damage done.

Then, I’m making an orange jersey for my own boy (due 1 April).


He’s also getting a frog.

Who is currently armless because I ran out of wool. Who would have thunk it? I originally started making this frog for Leila’s wedding but she was too big.


And finally, I finished a sock. The stitches pulled funny because I was knitting with only three needles, not four, and using the fourth one as a cable needle. Turned out to be a bad idea. I fashioned a different cable needle in the end, but should probably have just started over.


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