Every time I sit down to paint, I am overcome with fear. What if I mess this up? It’s a battle that’s not getting any easier. I remind myself that even a full-time, renowned artist like J F C Clarke struggles with this fear. And the process! Oh my glob, it’s so painful. I chose my palette so very carefully and yet the Hestia panel looks so lurid.


And yet, this morning, with the winter sunshine spilling from the windows beside the panel, the bowl looks on fire.

My camera has been unable to capture this, but here’s my best effort – see how gentle it is? How alive the flame is? Gillian says “ephemeral” which is a word I have never had the opportunity to say out loud.



Because this panel represents Hestia there has to be a fire element. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth. In ancient Greece, homes were designed with this sacred heart right in the middle. Hestia, who has no story per say, is a presence in the heart of the home, a warm presence that turns the home into a sanctuary.

I also just wanted to share this: the Hermes panel as seen at the end of the hall. The Hestia panel hangs to the left of the glass door. It struck me one morning that Hermes is in more active conversation with Inanna than with Hestia.


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