June 20, 2019 / / TACTILE

So on this Winter Solstice Eve, I would like to share with you where the Seasons Blanket is at the moment. And yes, today is the last day. And no, I’m not done yet. But,

June 15, 2018 / / TACTILE

At the end of last year my colleagues and family alike all shared the sentiment “I’m glad thís year is over! It was truly hectic”. I started to worry because I realised that it is actually the same thing we say to each other every year-end. It’s as if we rush through each year, rest for the week between Christmas and New Year and then we start all over again. And before we know it our lives are over and we say things like “What did I do with my life?” and “I wish I appreciated the little moments more”.

I know that mindfulness can help with this, but I wondered what else I can do to enjoy my moments here on earth. One of the solutions I came up with (I won’t bore you with all of them now) was to really notice and enjoy each season and not just always wish it was winter (my favourite season!).