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So you know that feeling when your to-do list is 101 pages long (and that is only for the list of personal art projects you have ideas for, I  haven’t even counted the should-do list) and you go visit your mother and she’s like “I’m giving up knitting for crocheting and I’ll be using cotton exclusively here’s all my knitting supplies and your dead grandmother’s knitting supplies too” and it’s a stash that’s bigger than your stash at home is and your mind says “where will I keep it?” but your craft fingers reach in and pull out 25 mm needles and  the softest wool you’ve ever experienced and you just have to immediately start knitting up a cable scarf that is going to be too warm to ever wear because of climate change and you just don’t care because it’s the most wonderful wool you’ve ever knitted with?

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A knitted fox scarf. As worn by Alicia Boshoff‘s Selkie.

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