Our son, Finn Visser, was born last¬†Friday. It’s been a whirlwind time since then.

Yesterday’s post¬†pointed to a post from last year. So of course I had to look to make sure it’s the correct post. And I saw the image – wow.

It’s prophetic on three counts.


1. My milk has come in so strong that it spurts out.

2. Finn is in ICU where he is being fed through a tube, but once a day we get the chance to nurse. The tube-feeding has made him forget how the breast milk thing works, and he ends up just crying and being frustrated.

3. When I look at myself naked in the mirror, the changes in my body after having just given birth is really profound. I look like an ancient fertility goddess. A more abundant version than in my journal page, and even more abundant than the image of Inanna I had in mind.


So the only points I got wrong were that I’m not slim, and my baby isn’t a frog.

Oh and my milk only makes my shirt wet, it doesn’t turn into the Milky Way.

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