i.e. an attempt to hone the craft of drawing.
One little drawing per day for the next year.

Started on Friday 23 September 2011.
Finished on Saturday 22 September 2012.
Drawings each measure 58 x 86 mm probably.
Stats and thoughts about the project here

The Frog GoddessNot a good first/last impressionSnakeGestureGestureGesture
gesturefat frogshadow failcrazy eyespatternpolar bear portraitbutterflies

Origami FrogSpring!MermaidFlowerGestureGestureGesture
gesturegesturer-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawing

r-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawing
r-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawing
r-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawing
r-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingr-mode drawingbearbamboolion

red thread
spiralIshtarThere is no hurryeelI am the eggmaneelI'm a serious man I am

like a treevenusportraityellow labyrinthone breathnavelaaahhhh
colour spiralthere is no hurryflying peacockwingsgorilla with a knife floating to his heartflying peacockhappy dog
it's a dogwhat do you wantfaceshoeportraitgesture drawing of faces on the tvfrog

birdpencil swatchescontainerabstractdecorated eyegirlgirl
glass halfnoseeyeprincess bubblegumflamecylinderi've got nothing to do today but smile
coloursscratchessilver dragonkittencokeprofilewhat the stuff
floating frogballfacegirlmermaidugly wolf supposedlyballs

hummingbirdAAAALL the colours of the rainbowbirdballcylinderfacesecret dreams
EyeBig EyesFugly cheetahpractisepinkinkfish
bluescowling giraffewhat?is the hair too much?shark!curtainfoliage
homelistening to the dogs barkfacewhat do i wantpi ewhatmermaid

PATIENCEIshtarcosmic spiral eyebubblingswirly goddesswhat's a good symbol for a star?face
say what if i could make myself new handsthe land from abovetaking a line for a walkpretty lady on a planeIt's a call to arms, not about talent or motivations or fame or notoriety MAKE
MAKE MISTAKESgesturelabyrinthgesturegesturegesturerift
he knows laura, he knows she stared at her friend unbelieving of the bright eyeshuh?hipposorry i can't hear what you are saying your shoes are dirtyobsessivetallest man on earthobsessive

linesfatal addiction to the black drinklines....obsessive about linescheetahroar"I'm the hip-hop-opotamus"
what's the point if we can't have it in purple?blind cheetamelted tigerpeanutsthe clawoomphaZ is for Zebra
heket's tearsnot russianfertility goddess as the weaver of our fatescalesa pukka is not a ninjaAct cool here comes the bumblebeeFrog
bummerhasty cross hatchingwtfcurlThese are the things that upset melookrela[x]

frog brideshhyes dear you look lovelySantjie #1 jumperfragile & brave & i broke itnow that I'm a womandragon
another lacy experimentwhat evan dahm and I have in common: well he makes a lot of comics and I've readlace experimentjust a diet coke please I'm watching my weightsynthesishrihrock
butterfly eyesdead proteaproteaSlow down take your time it's about the process not the resultchristmas buglampcurtains
jumping frogsee what is don't judgewhat's the pointNOTgahkimidollfloating black mass

there is no hurryballperthosmonkeysbearthere is no hurrywhat's better than a Labrador puppy?
ponyblackbirdwanderingswirlingdressing up as deathRead mammieAdd sugar
black day (did you know, post-its leak ink when wet?)A certain fanaticism is requiredhungry ghostsfrog?faceA tattoo wedding ring design

NervesHow to forget myself while drawingFrog symbolFormCross-hatchingFrogShadows of a Hunters
Floating boxA nose knowsEye spyeThe myth of the link between frogs and wartsFugly angelsNothingness of passengers on a trainPainted butterfly
ApeHelloAngryTriangulationBraidsNothingness of an owl's dinnerProportions
Not a NinjaA Salt Shaker Rendered TerriblyPleasedSadHappyThe WorstGesture drawing

floating webcam2 minute gesture drawings2 minute gesture drawingflightblind drawingstone faceFeel into the process
Quick Gesture DrawingMeditate Like A DragonflyRubber BallMetal BallShhDon't Listen To Me ListenVery Quick Gesture drawing
GracesGraceBallerina FrogSpiderWillemblind drawingBird
blind drawing and wet inksecond sexyesterday's tearsNOT HITLER!!!ugly stylized eagleshroudedBird Goddess of the Night

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