The African Penguin is a quirky little creature that bays like a donkey, stinks like elephants in a zoo and swims in the ocean the entire winter to catch fish. Really. The whole winter. They sleep in the water. And in spring, after months apart, penguin pairs meet up at the previous year’s nesting site to continue their relationship and embark on another season of chick-rearing duties together. These birds display unconditional loyalty to their mates, and, in present times of climatic turbulence and over-fishing, ridiculous levels of endurance. Just reading about how far they have to swim to get to abundant waters makes me feel, like, lazy. And motivated to finally pack that washed ice-cream tub into the car to use for leftovers at restaurants in my current endeavour to reduce single-use plastics. Because individual efforts do add up, and the African penguin is a mascot, an inspirational symbol for not losing hope, to continue these efforts together.

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