A lot of art-making is about documenting experience – making the everyday sacred. Vermeer and Kahlo were masters at this – and serve as examples for how the documentation can take the form of the outer appearance of things, or expressing inner emotional world.

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started a journal as documentation. But the journal turns out to be a very personal letter to our son, rather than something I would share as art. The critique against using Motherhood in Art is that it tends to be overly sentimental. And yet, my entire journey so far (pregnancy still has two months to go) has been a sentimental, mushy, touchy-feely one.



Minette Visser



Digital Drawing (Painter X13)

Dimensions Variable

This is the only baby-related Art I’ve made to date. Yes, it’s sentimental. But how can it not be?

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