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The very first set of paintings I had up at an exhibition in a real art gallery (as opposed to the community hall) contained a panel where a hummingbird and a dragon play a macabre tug-of-war

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Star Realms is a super fun two-player card game. The only downside is that when we put on the card protector sleeves, they wouldn’t fit into the original box. And the life counters. The life counter cards don’t work. We had received the game as a gift, and included in the gift were two sets of 10-sided die. But we didn’t like this as life counters either.

So, lots of issues with Star Realms. The solutions?

First off, a new box:


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I’ve recently taken up whittling. My very first attempt, a peg man, was not particularly…

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My falcon is unequivocally, unambiguously, uncompromisingly a symbol for Artemis

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water animal

When I use fish in my work, it is in the guise of masculine symbol for abundance.

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Gaan jy die Nuclear Holocaust oorleef? Huh? Huh? Gaan jy?

Will you survive the Nuclear Holocaust? Hm? Will you?

Indomitable. They can survive without their heads. They can

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heaven bird

Peacocks, who are so lovely to behold! A delicacy, a delight. In medieval and Renaissance art they indicate heaven.

More recently, peacocks are associated with pride.

But I would like to revive the heavenly connection

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Liefling, het jy gesien? Ek het die hemel en die aarde geskep net vir jou?

(Darling, did you see? I created the heaven and the earth just for you.)

The dragon is a feminine agent of chaos

November 25, 2016 / / VISUAL

This little notebook contains my Symbol Dictionary. It came about from an exercise that Emma Willemse gave in her Conceptual Art Course: create a set of 26 personal symbols for use in art making. In my first iteration (which I did at varsity still so that was more than 10 years ago) the dictionary was a set of iconic drawings, cut out and made into a mobile. I wish I still had that. Symbols included a penguin, butterfly, unicorn, crab claws, eye of Horus and some designs I made up. The process led to my personal mythology (ah, my memory is coming back!)

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“What are you doing?” Willem asked me. “I’m cutting pages out of the Little Prince…

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Hermes and Hestia – the snakes still need more green. But isn’t the contrast with…