I have a desire to dig into the earth and make land art again. I’ve dabbled in it before, and even attended a whole weekend workshop on land art with Emma Willemse. There’s a part of me that wonders if this yearning is mainly because I’m not allowed to garden without gloves*, and last weekend I was trying, really I was, but I ended up throwing the flippen gloves away and I’ve still got a rash from wearing them. I think my gardening bout lasted all of five minutes.


Also, a few years ago, I made a labyrinth in my garden. I had these plans to plant lavender – I call it my laverinth (get it?). It is meant to be this amazing sweet smelling space to just walk about in, and stand still for a while. This space has so much potential. It leads me to wonder about the distinctions between land art and gardening, much in the same way there is a distinction between craft and illustration and art – when is it landscaped gardening and when is it art? I’m reminded of this article that talks about the importance of presence in making art.

Is that really all it takes?



*It has something to do with being pregnant and having cats that use “outside” as their toilet. I first thought it was bullshit but the doctor says that the baby can be born with serious brain defects.

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