Is Vattu building up to have a big fight amongst peoples?


I literally can’t wait for the rest of this story. Mr Dahm, won’t you bring the book out NOW! Please?

Vattu is a M-W-F webcomic by Evan Dahm. It is my absolute favourite webcomic.

What are you still doing here? The rest of this post is a ramble against stereotypes. You should skip it and go archive binge … start here. Also read Rice Boy while you’re there.

We watched the episode of Big Bang Theory yesterday where the girls go to the comic book store. I wanted to scream at the stereotypes that were being flung around – they simply reversed the roles by making the girls buy Thor, because “ooo he’s hot.”

There are so many triple excellent comics out there. Just the other day, Willem and I spent almost R900 at Cosmic Comics, because we couldn’t choose and it was the beginning of the month (I regret it now because we’re almost out of money and payday is only next week… but not too much because I got awesome comics).

The guy who runs the store is enthusiastic about comics, and he’s actually read 99% of the books in stock – and he seemed to like all of them too!

What did we buy?

1. The Underwater Welder – on recommendation by ComixTribe

2. Blankets – on recommendation by a friend

3. Fables vol 4. – the next in the series that I haven’t read yet and they had it in stock which is like seriously rare.

Steward was right. Fables would have been a good place for the BBT girls to start.
Steward says of the book “it has great art, high action and doesn’t conform to the usual gender stereotypes.” Something BBT could start looking into. I love the concept of the show but I’m starting to feel like the characters are mere stereotypes – and that’s just lazy writing. And obviously I resent how they portray engineers, because I’m an engineer and no-one I know is even a little bit like Howard.

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