Here at Creative Fisheries we’re rather passionate about the little things a normal human being can do to save the environment. We believe in incremental effects: if every person makes one small change for the benefit of all sentient beings on this planet, that is worth more than one person doing one big action. So we try and encourage the little habits:recycling;driving slower. We don’t mention anything we wouldn’t implement ourselves (even if we don’t actually implement it – what I mean is that if I were to participate in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge then I would definitely do the Panda Pantheon, but I’m not participating so I can’t. But if you are participating, why not ride for a cause?)

I went to the New Signatures exhibition and I noticed a trend:

Many of the works were about raising awareness of our impact on the earth.

If artists play the role of the Court Jester, i.e. if artists have to observe and then whisper out loud the truth of the state of things, then the emerging artists in South Africa are asking:

“What impact on Life do your actions have?”

For many South Africans the rhino poaching is a huge concern
mater noster

Karin Suzanne Smith


Mater Noster


37.5 x 17 x 54

But let’s think about our eating habits

ama release

ama release

Estelle Andrea Dry


Ama Release

rope, paper, resin

and wood

170 x 110 x 110

And our consumer habits
virgin pulp

Mandy Martin


Trembling giant and Virgin pulp

paper, paper thread and paper pulp

120 x 120

And our driving habits

Ingrid Jean Bolton



porcelain, oil, metal, gut and perspex


Can you see the destruction your actions cause?

<pictures showcased here are from the official New Signatures 2012 catalogue>

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