Hello! So this is the final day of NaNoDaBlUpMo! 30 days of blog updates!

Did I win? Yes. 30 blog updates achieved. Level up!

Were all of the updates good… absolutely not. Some of them are a downright embarrassment.
I’m tempted to delete them from the site. Unpublish. Remove from the history.

But maybe they should stay. A public acknowledgement of achieving what I set out to achieve.

This brings me to the big problem I’ve got with this experiment: I did not allow time for editing.

Editing is crucial, you guys.

I also didn’t allow time to curate. Another essential. Because there’s a reason I’ve got heaps of unpublished posts. Not all of them are worth polishing.

Okay, I’ve decided to leave the posts up, but to add this:

I humbly apologise for the junk posts during NaNoDaBlUpMo. I make up for them with links to the posts that I deem worthy.

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