Well, I have to admit I was sceptical about Bafana Bafana and their soccer skillz. But they scored the first goal in the tournament! Well done – now keep it up! We want some wins! (Draws are fine, but you have to win to win, you know what I mean?)
I too am playing soccer this Friday. Lots of fun.
On another note, updates may be sparse the next couple of weeks. Billy is on holiday (yes, I’m too jealous) and it has upset our schedule a bit. And we are trying to watch all the soccer matches. And I have to make curtains. So, all in all, real life is interfering. Sign up to the RSS feed or the Facebook thing to always keep up to date with new content.

(I just read what I wrote and I don’t think I’m making much sense. And this editor doesn’t have spellcheck. Aplogies. I’m gonna grab a cup of coffee in the meantime…)

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