In Art as Therapy, the authors pose that process of looking at art can be therapeutical, in and of itself, if the art is curated carefully.  It is the duty of the curator to present the images in a meaningful way, and to provide the information required to help the viewer in xer exploration of xerself.   The Art as Therapy website provides one way of putting us “in contact with particular works of art that are helpful to look at when facing certain problems.”

Back here on Creative Fisheries, in this Art as Therapy series, I have appointed myself as curator, and present to you online galleries.  Please note that these are my own views, and that my galleries are inspired by my own needs.  I am not an art scholar, nor a therapist, nor undergoing therapy.  These galleries are presented and discussed from my own intuitive knowledge of myself, and my limited knowledge of art.  These galleries are meant to generate personal inquiry.  Feel free to disagree with my choices, and to create galleries of your own in your own online space.  I would love to see your galleries! Won’t you link to them here please?

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