We’ve been wanting to upgrade the light fixings in our open plan living room / dining room forĀ years. We had this idea that Willem would make led strip boxes that he would then attach to the beams on the ceiling (similar in concept to what he did with the toy display boxes). The project never realised. And we were sitting in Grounded, admiring their decorating, and Willem got all fired up about installing hanging jam jar lamps.

And that’s what he’s busy with now. The industrial conceptĀ not only looks great, it means he doesn’t have to climb up into the ceiling.


There are going to be 12 lamps in total (six per room). Four are installed.


The bulbs used are the new Eurolux LED Clear Filament Globes. Low power (only 4W) and also has that vintage look that’s popular these days (the effect goes missing in my photos but check out the Eurolux site. These bulbs are much cheaper than the vintage types, and also they are not going to be as hot because they use less power.)

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