I want to do a diptych in oils of Hestia and Hermes. In the middle of my house is an open courtyard that we’ve turned into a Zen-style garden. One half has white stones with herms (male), and the other half has dark gray stones with a bench and a wide-brimmed pot (female). The Hestia and Hermes paintings are going to hang either side of the glass door to the garden. The Hermes painting will be visible from down the main hallway, and the Hestia painting is around the corner next to the kitchen.

That’s the plan, anyway.

I’ve been a bit stumped as to the exact images that should be on the paintings. Figurative? Abstract? Patterns? Like Burne-Jones? Like Klimt?

I have this little white bowl that I use as a candle holder. It was made by my mother and is my expression of Hestia. The only thing I know about my diptych is that this little bowl needs to feature in the Hestia panel.

As a starting point, I decided to draw it.


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