This is from the April 2013 Crane Newsletter:


Golden Moles: call for specimens!


“The Threatened Grassland Species Programme has recently embarked on a new research project focussing on Golden Moles in Mpumalanga (also northern KZN and north-eastern Free State). These beautiful little subterranean mammals are endemic to Africa and although they look similar are NOT closely related to the true moles. There are currently 21 recognised species in Africa and 11 of these are threatened with extinction. Golden Moles eat insects and insect larvae and occur in grassland areas and often in agricultural lands and gardens.

They are very difficult to catch and hence we know very little about them. Because they tend to burrow close to the soil surface they regularly fall prey to domestic cats and dogs and even occasionally fall into swimming pools.

We implore anyone who finds one of these little creatures to please contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange collection of the specimen.
Please contact Dr Ian Little 0842407341.”

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