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If you’re unfamiliar with him, Caillebotte was truly excellent at giving the impression (cough) of sunlight — if you’re feeling seasonally unhappy, give his paintings a look.

And although it’s meant to be Yebo Summertime here, we’ve had rain… and rain… and rain. My plants love it, but I dislike getting wet every time I step out the door. And on the rare occasions when we don’t have rain, the sun is beaming with all the energy usually saved for the worst offenders in Hell.

So, for a reminder of soft, gentle sunlight, a selection of Caillebotte:



Gustave Caillebotte

The Park Monceau

Oil on Canvas



Gustave Caillebotte oil paintings - Sculls on the Yerre,1877,ml0002

Gustave Caillebotte

Boating on the Yerres

Oil on Canvas


103.51 × 155.89 cm




Gustave Caillebotte

Boulevard des Italiens

Oil on Canvas


65 x 54 cm

Although Caillebotte is famous for being an Impressionist collector and supporter, his many works are well worth perusing.

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