It was my mom’s birthday recently. She wanted roses.

I complied.

Packaging is important:

The box is decorated with a cut-out from a page my baby boy made with food-coloured spaghetti.


The magic inside:


The roses, but also my version of the Venus of Hohle Fels, plus two tiny frog-woman-earrings.


The figures are made with polymer clay. The idea originally was to make the earrings both like the Venus of Hohle Fels, but I made the first one too big and then when I tried to re-make them I got frustrated with re-doing something that’s not originally mine. So I rather made my own version of the Marija Gimbutas Frog Woman. Because, frogs! Frogs are the best. I should have named this website “Creative Froggeries.”

Frog Goddess

When my mom showed her one friend, she said that she would never have thought she would live in a world where one could get earrings such as these. I think she was disappointed when my mom told her that they were made for her, not bought.

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