The Fox is my favourite animal because:

a) The fox* in Dawie die Kabouter;

b) The fox in The Little Prince;

c) The fox in Fox in the Snow; and

d) The fox in The Fox and the Hound.

During our trip to Japan in 2012 we saw fox statues with bibs on everywhere. I was just about giddy with glee. To the point of being horribly touristy rude at the shrines, which is the worst kind of rude that there is. So after one very passive-aggressive encounter with an older Japanese person, I managed to subvert my glee but only up to a point.

Japanese foxes are, of course, different from forest animal foxes.

As I was preparing for this post, I made a quick drawing, and realised that I have never actually drawn a fox, and that there is a reason for that, as this next drawing testifies:

Terrible drawings aside, foxes truly are “fantastic” in every way: clever and funny and naughty.



*Fun fact: this fox was also my imaginary childhood friend. I was aware that he was imaginary and not actually running next to the trolley during shopping trips. But I pretended anyway and asked my mom to leave a space for him in the trolley next to me, in case he got tired. She had to stack the tins in very awkward towers but humoured me nonetheless. I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember whether his name was Flits or Fits.

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