water animal

When I use fish in my work, it is in the guise of masculine symbol for abundance. It was fish and bread that was multiplied on the hill, it is an ocean teeming that our friends think of when we lose a lover (even though the ocean is hardly teeming any more, but that’s another subject). I have these ponds in my garden and they used to be full of goldfish, but a heron visited one day and there are no more goldfish after that. They show up in my dreams still, a recurring dream of walking to the ponds and finding that the goldfish had returned. And I wake up thinking “yes, I have enough.”

If this doesn’t resonate (and maybe even if it does, it’s good to be reminded) check out my Gallery of Abundance.

Fish Tablet Case Front

Fish Tablet Case Back


And then we have to mention the website name: Creative Fisheries. This Visser (“Fisher”) family creates lots of things. I believe that creativity begets creativity. We dip our nets into the flow, and we never come up empty. And we’re always fishing for more growth, more process, more beauty.







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