When I was a little girl, I really wanted finger puppets. I guess I never actually told anyone this because I’m sure my mom would have gotten me some if she knew I wanted them. Anyway, I read that it’s beneficial to expose your baby to finger puppetry because it helps teach socialisation skills. Not that my kid needs help (he’s a flirt) but I’m making finger puppets because I can.

Here’s the Work-in-Progress picture I took on the 13th already:


Here is where I am with the next one:


And here is the lion and a crazy hedgehog (I finished the lion yesterday, after re-doing the mane twice):



Babies take up a lot of time, but I’m very excited, I’m starting my art classes again next week. Hopefully I won’t let a month pass before sharing what I’m doing, but I’m not making any promises.


(And apologies for the blurry pics but honestly, I’m too lazy/tired/meh right now to do anything about it).


(And by the way, what my baby did when I tried showing him the finger puppets? He promptly grabbed the hedgehog by the hair and stuffed the face into his mouth. I should have known better.)

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