My falcon is unequivocally, unambiguously, uncompromisingly a symbol for Artemis: goddess of the forest, who aims at her goal and shoots it spot-on, never missing. The falcon’s keen gaze can peer into the distance, she can target what my city eyes cannot even perceive.

In Christian religious art, the falcon is evil because it attacks and eats smaller peaceful birds.

I’ve always had an affinity towards this bird. I love when were driving long distances, and I can see them perched on the telephone or electrical wires, hardly bigger than a pigeon but so much more graceful.

In a previous falcon drawing, I wrote the words “SOLITARY SPLENDOUR” amongst words lauding teamwork and sociability. As an introvert in the highest degree, I remember in high school in a personality test reading the question: “If you could choose, would you rather be a lone falcon or a seal in a pack?” and thinking “who on earth wants to be a seal? Of course there’s only one answer here.”

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