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(You should read it first. He swears a lot. If you haven’t read it, the rest of this post might not make sense ’cause I’m too lazy to summarise it for you.)

I have a few arguments to make:

1. Recycling does make a difference for these reasons:

(a) I’m not sure the statistics he’s quoting are correct, but anyone who’s lived in a city where the refuse collection guys have striked for more than a week will know: a household generates A LOT of waste, and it has to go somewhere. It can’t stay in the streets – where would we drive? Even if we didn’t pass out from the stench. So, where does our rubbish go? To Garbage Island.

(b) Recycling is a habit. It re-inforces a certain value. Values are powerful. Sure, today it may only be in homes, but homes generate children, and children work for companies when they grow up. If the values of recycling, re-use and waste reduction are strong enough, it’ll flow into the personnel of companies. We can’t expect corporations to start the change. We can’t expect values from them we don’t hold dear in our own homes.

(c) I’d rather be a hummingbird than an impotent lion.

2. I’m all for boycotting, but who will Black March really hurt?

3. The bill didn’t even go up for voting. So yeah, a little internet action did speak loud enough.

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