From their email newsletter:

Penguin Christmas

December is ‘baby time’ at SANCCOB.

Adopting a wild penguin is cited by celebrity conservationist, Michelle Garforth-Venter, as one of her top 2011 Christmas gifts.

This year SANCCOB is yet again playing Father Christmas to a group of African penguin chicks abandoned by their moulting parents in the colonies where they breed. Why not join Michelle, and adopt one of the gorgeous fluff balls for yourself or for a special friend.

For R500 / US$72 / Euro46 you can pay for the hand-rearing of one of these chicks at SANCCOB, so that they can be released back into the wild to join their wild ‘family’. With the status of the African penguin listed as endangered on the IUCN Red Data List saving the life of every single wild African penguin is important. Since 2006 SANCCOB and its partners in conservation have helped to save over 2 000 chicks that would have surely died from starvation, dehydration or predation if left unattended.

To Adopt a Christmas Chick visit the website. Since 1968 SANCCOB has treated more than 90 000 seabirds, which makes it one of the busiest seabird hospitals in the world.

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