Liefling, het jy gesien? Ek het die hemel en die aarde geskep net vir jou?

(Darling, did you see? I created the heaven and the earth just for you.)

The dragon is a feminine agent of chaos, present at the very beginnings of the universe. Man’s journey into civilization necessitated slaying dragons, and woman’s journey back to her instinctual wild nature necessitates that we nurture the dragons back into a thriving population.

In the West, we slay dragons to get to their ill-begotten golden greedy hoard. In the East, they are revered as heavenly creatures who bring rain.

When a dragon’s beating heart is eaten, we gain wisdom and long life. Pinning down a butterfly doesn’t capture the magic of the brilliant wings in flight. Can’t we learn to appreciate the dragon in her iridescent cosmos? Do we really need to slay her? Is there no other way to gain that wisdom?

In the Dragon Box, the dragon is the protector of the sacred internal process. The dragon and her fire is that fierce, wrathful compassion that can destroy in order for newness to flourish.


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