Following through on a project is a real challenge for me. Ideas and plans, not an issue. And getting started is far too easy. 

During the Awareness and Enrichment course I attended earlier this year, an attendee asked “Where can I get ideas?” I had to stop myself from laughing. For me it’s always been more like “How do I choose between the million images in my head?”

This year has been  fraught with challenges- my infant son who was in ICU, then bringing him home, then starting work again, pets with dangerous bacterial infections and cancer. My life is spinning out of control. In an attempt to take control of something, I endeavored to finish the in-progress artworks that have been weighing on my mind. A drawing here, a sculpture there, a painting or two. Done and done. 

It’s a feeling I’m not accustomed to.   And it’s given rise to a new state: uninspired.

I have an idea for a diptych. I know the concept: Hermes and Hestia. But the exact images, colours and composition?

No idea. 

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