Gillian had taken a much needed break during May, but art classes are back in full swing again and finally I’ve been able to work on my diptych. Last week I added more textures to the Hermes background, and although I like the textures themselves, I’m unhappy with the colours. Last night I had my mind maps* open and I started exploring. The basic thing I wanted to resolve was whether to make the Hermes background darker or lighter. But the theme of the snakes and the Caduceus kept on coming up.

I like the visual interest that the snakes give, that it’s not just a vertical anymore.


And yes, I still need to resolve what I’m going to do in the background. Lighter? Darker? And should I make it more mountainous and icy?


*I just realised that I’ve never spoken about how I use mind maps before. I’ll dig for a few examples and do an in-depth post. It’s a technique that Emma Willemse taught during her Advanced Art Classes when she was still based in Johannesburg, and I’ve found it useful to see whether a vague idea that I might have is relevant to what I want the artwork to be about.

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