A year ago, a colleague showed me his profile on Project 356. How beautiful! Photographs taken every day are uploaded and displayed in this grid of vibrant colours and forms and textures.

“I want one too.”

But I didn’t want to take photographs, and I didn’t want to use another’s website. So, I created a little page for myself, my very own Project 365, where I made 365 little drawings from 22 September 2011 up to last Saturday.

(As of today, all the drawings have been made, just not uploaded yet. The advantage of taking photographs is they are likely to be digital already).

So yes, I made 365 tiny little drawings. Most of them are rubbish.
rubbish bearrubbish facerubbish inked
One or two I find really beautiful.
corpse bride charcoal eye
But the magic lies in the collection of them. It becomes a scroll, a wall, a mosaic. A “year in the life”.

Things I learnt in this process:
* Sometimes its lekker to just practise cross-hatching.
cross hatching
* Not all drawings are equal.
* Discipline! It’s much easier to do one drawing a day than to try and catch up on a week’s backlog.
* I get bored easily. I would start off all “ooo I’ll totes do a mini-series and do a month of drawing This Awesome Subject” and by day 3 be all like “wtf not again I want to do something else.”
Blind Contour Drawing 1 of 30
* Our scanner doesn’t like red lines.
Blind Contour Drawing 8 of 30
* Gimp doesn’t scale straight lines down very well (Aliasing! How you frustrate me!)
negative space drawing of a tree
* I want to take more time to draw. I want to draw bigger, and really get into the drawing. Around June, I was playing with an idea of a “Project 52” – to do an A3 sized drawing every week. But I’ve now started at the Studio Collective¬†and there we draw, draw, draw, and I’d rather work on the drawings I make there, and they are taking decidedly longer than a week each (especially since I seem to be very good at starting new drawings rather than pushing through and finishing the old ones).

I also found the statistics interesting: Out of the 365 drawings I made

* 10% are blind contour/r-mode drawings (the type where you don’t look at the paper).
blind contour drawing
* 5% are two-minute gesture drawings (with the aid of Pixelovely’s Figure Drawing Tool. Potentially NSFW).
gesture drawing
* 7% are of roundish objects
a ball
* 16% are girls
* 5% are frogs
frog leap
* 0% are landscapes

Yes, I’m more drawn to figures and faces and frogs rather than to landscapes.

(I’ll update this page when all of the drawings are scanned, formatted and uploaded on the list. I got behind on that part of it, badly. Some happened whilst in Japan but those are all mixed up with my bag of junk I brought back… that’s another story).

(And of course, I see this this and think: Yes! I want to do that too!)

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