This post by Comix Tribe is shaking me to my core. It’s scattering my thoughts this way and that. Basically, he’s calling me out for not spending enough bum-on-chair time, for not doing the work.

(I imagine the woman in Julie&Julia: “You’re not doing ze work!”)

The thoughts race through my mind, and it’s exactly why I did The Artist’s Way last year.

“Want a visual representation of your work ethic? Look at your output.”

work output

Pitiful, really.

So what is it?

What made me stop painting six years ago? What made me stop drawing three years ago? What made me stop writing a year ago?

Because, as much fun as it is to just yell “Stop watching Adventure Time! Do some work!” at myself, I suspect it won’t make a difference.

I’d still rather stall.

It’s answering these questions, digging into the hurt, the criticisms, the rejections, facing up to the demons and making friends with them -this is where the solution lies.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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