I’ll be honest. I don’t always read all the posts on ComixTribe.
“Why not? There’s a wealth of information there! There’s so much to learn!”
Yes, I know, but <add excuses such as ‘the posts are sometimes too long’ and ‘where’s the time’ and ‘I’d rather watch Cartoon Network’>

Anyway, one that I opened up in a seperate window and did manage to read, was this post on Project Management.

And boy, I wish I had known this stuff when I drew up my own spreadsheets to try and manage new pages of Uniting a Kingdom:

1. It takes a professional penciller one full day to do one page. Part-time is four days.
2. It takes a professional inker half a day for a page, depending on the complexity of the pencils. Part-time is one day.
3. Colouring depends on the level of detail you’re looking for. Simple colours with no rendering maybe a page a day part-time.
4. Lettering is quick but needs to be done right. A professional letterer can do a book (22 pages) in two days, if there are no weird sound effects or strange bubbles. Part-time is five days for 22 pages.

This does not account for writing the script (which in actual writing time is probably quick but takes the longest to research properly and do the pacing, backstory, character development, and other stuff that writers do).

And here I was, not nearly a professional, thinking I could do a page in a week. By this count given here, it would take a part-time professional (if there is such a thing as a professional part-time comicker who can do ALL of the above things) 4+1+1+1 = 7 days to do one page. This is with no time allotted for editing and revisions.

That’s a page that has been written. This is someone who goes to work, comes home and does nothing else but work on the page. No rest day. Nothing.

And, as you guys well know, I don’t just work on the comic. And I’m not nearly a professional. It’ll probably take me double the time to do. If I do nothing else.

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