Dudes. I’ve been so freakin’ frustrated.
On the latest Esmerelda page, there was a thingie that said “<picture here>” for ages. And every time I tried to access the CMS, Silverstripe said

“Error Loading Subtree”.

Now, this had happened before, and I managed to convince the server from back then to increase its memory. But now we’re with Texo and it works different and myIT guru/friendsaid “but you’ve already got 256M, that’s plenty.”

This was like in January. I wanted to upload a post about the awesomeness of my birthday (clue, it involves blue cupcakes and Rice Boy) and a fashion tip (clue, it involves eye shadow) and I’ve been working semi-daily on the Project 365AND I HAD NO WAY OF TELLING ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING! Gah!

So tonight, after thrashing against Xammp and myPhp for a day, I wanted to show Willem what the problem is:

“See, when I click click click it doesn’t…”

And you know what? Tonight, it worked.

Yay for internet miracles!

In short, I’m glad to be back.

If you are reading this in RSS, there’s a notice up about pending changes to the website’s format as well as a link to pictures of coffee. Mmm coffee.

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