Once again I am participating in the Comic Creators for Freedom (formerly known as the Comic Creators Alliance) against human trafficking.

In 2010 I entered Sophie.


Last year it was a portrait of Caern.

And this year it’s Cloë’s turn.


It was hard to do this year because

(a) I’ve never been in a snow fight due to the fact that, on the one day I’ve ever seen snow, my ankle was busted because the day before I was playing on a tower of ice and slipped. Who knew ice was slippery?
(b) While doing this picture it was sweltering hot, sweat dripping off my brow, charcoal slipping in my hand. It’s hard to imagine what coats and scarves look like under these circumstances.

Anyway if you want to see what this year’s wallpaper looks like you gots to donate before Friday!

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