And the first thing to do as a member of the street team is to read the Writer’s Manifesto.

It takes less than five minutes. Go read it now. You don’t even have to come back here to read the rest of what li’l ol’ me has to say. Because that’s not as important.

Have you read it yet?

Awesome. No really. It’s awesome.

Okay so here’s my story:

I’ve been struggling with creative block this year. I did Julia Cameron’s Artist Way (I wrote about that journey a bit). I managed to finish an art project and entered it into a competition (something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS but have been too scared to do.) Throughout doing the project I had to keep on reminding myself:

If this was another artist’s work, would I like it?

All the while keeping the thoughts

Would they like it? Would it get placed in the competition? Will the girl whose image I’m using here like it? Will they like it?

at bay.

Nasty thoughts. Tough to keep them out.

Right. Back to the Writer’s Manifesto

I think of myself as a creative. I write. I make books. I draw. I knit. I code. I do all sorts of things. And in the manifesto, I could easily replace “write” with any of the other things I do.

The real artist within me is waiting.

She is deeply unsatisfied with the current state of things. She wants out. She wants to make things. And although acclaim from others would be nice, the art within just wants to be made.

I am not alone. Neither are you.

Time to stop worrying about what the others would think.

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