First of all, go read this

Okay so now you know what it takes to make money from websites. If you’re like me and you’re lazy you didn’t actually read the article, that’s okay, let me sum it up in one word:


To make money from a website, let’s take an example, say, CreativeFisheries.com, two things would have to happen:

a) More readers (like in hundreds of thousands)
b) Adverts.

Have a look around. Do you see how white this website is? Yeah, that’s how I like it. I like that Creative Fisheries doesn’t have flashing fancy stuff on the sides and millions of “our most popular pages” and “if you like this page you might like these”.

Ads would ruin that.

In the article something very important is said: “My advice is to choose a topic you’ll never get tired of.”

What? Never? But there’s always something else more interesting …

Guess what. I’m not tired of ranting about my creative journey and the process yet. According to Mars Dorian I can make more of an impact by being larger-than-life about it. “I’m a fucking creative! Look, I drew on the walls making this fun picture!” Which is fine, but then I really really really love the gentle prodding of Bricolage Life. Her site feels like such a haven in this crazy attention-grabbing money-hungry sphere of the digital world I often find myself in. It doesn’t even bother me that it’s really just one big ad for her etsy shops. (That’s a lie. It bothers me. But only because I’m not an impulsive online shopper. If I were close to real shops that sold those type of things I would overspend ALL. THE. TIME.)

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