Up the stairs


You reach a landing that doubles up as a storage space.


Heed the admonition to the left


and enter my art cave.

The cat loves it here


And this is where I have been making art.


It’s a project I am calling “Scrapped” and it’s about divorce.


A little shrine to remind me that art making is a spiritual endeavour, of the realm of Aphrodite.


Two weeks ago one of the Artist Way exercises was “I want to…” and to list all the things, big and small.

I want to live in a foreign country.
I want to cut my hair.
I want to fix up the loft.

Then, last week, one of the exercises was to create a secret space for making art. Coincidence? Considering that this was also the reading depravation week, and I find it impossible to fall asleep unless I am (a) physically exhausted from lifting heavy things or (b) reading a good story, well, I had to do something. And cleaning out the loft was the project. It was filled to the brim with junk (I’m talking dead trees and fish heads – neither of which is a euphemism). Now it is a beautiful space for me to do my morning pages. If I can convince the cat to move off the bean bag, that is.

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