I started working through “The Artist’s Way” on Sunday. In the beginning of the book she talks about the habits blocked artists need to acquire: daily morning pages (stream-of-consciousness writing for three pages every morning) and weekly artist dates, where you take your inner artist out, just you two (a little bit schizophrenic but that’s how she puts it.)

Then she talked about why and she gave a metaphor of the images an artist draws on to do work as a trout pond. When you make art, you catch trout, but it’s a farmed pond and if you overfish then there is nothing to draw apon. The pond has to be restocked and looked after.

This metaphor really rings true with me regarding making comic pages. And I thought about it and realised: a page isn’t just a page, it’s really between one and twelve drawings. Making twelve drawings without restocking my art pond will of course result in a barren puddle of water.

So ja, I’m on week one of the course, and week one is all about the inner critic and delving into why the inner critic says what she says. I wanted to take myself swimming as an artist date but it’s been pouring down so bad, I’ll just get wet. I’m not really sure what else I would like to do though. Everything I thought of doing involves being outside.

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