Billy got this beautiful font from the primary school. It’s what they use to make the Grade 1 posters (you know, the “A is for Apple Z is for Zebra”* posters)

And I had a brainflash. It would do brilliantly in our comic.

So we started playing: Panels 1 and 2 are in the school font but with mixed caps, Panel 3 is what we decided on and the rest are the original Lindt McCree, the Comic Life default. We also opted for Dalelands in the caption, to remind you that this is a faery tale.

Billy says he’s going to slowly start updating the pages with the new look pages**. And soon we’ll be sans comic sans***. Bunnies everywhere are rejoicing!


*and suddenly I find myself wishing it was “Z is for Zombie”

**Billy’s grandmother wants a printed out copy of our “strokiesprent”*** (mainly because we based Liam Lorcon on his grandfather) but we want to fix up all the speech bubbles first. You may have noticed thatthe speech bubbles have changed significantly since the beginning

***The story of why there is Comic Sans at all will be related in a follow-up post. I’m still a bit embarrassed about it. Although in my defense, I was against it from the start. From the very beginning, I tell you!

****And this is where I know I’ve gone too far with footnotes: I want to put in a footnote to the footnote. So, new rule: sans footnotes for one Khat Fish until she can learn to control it.

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